Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome to the JPEG challenge series post #1! So in my studio class we are assigned JPEG challenges to help us develop our skills in choosing what we will paint. This first one is a place that is special to me. I chose the creek near my house. I bring my dog Sadie down to play in the the water and there is always a lot to take pictures of.

I also am a Photographer in training. I sort of taught myself some things about photography, but this year I am taking my first real photography class. I get to take pictures and develop my film and everything, so that is really exciting. I may post some of my photos on here as well. But for now lets focus on the JPEG Challenge.

In the JPEG Challenge we have to take 5 pictures that go along with the theme. So here we go.

This was taken sometime in the winter, you probably guessed that because of the snow, but I figured I'd tell you anyway.

This was taken the same day, I like this one better.

Sadie really likes playing in the creek, and I love taking pictures of her.

So that was the first JPEG challenge! Yaaaaayyy! So I will be posting a few times in this series, and hopefully you'll be able to see some more of my wannabe photographer photos.  Thanks for stopping by!

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