Monday, October 11, 2010

"Tall Glass of Water"

Welcome back! Actually, not sure it that is the right phrase... Hello again? Oh nevermind. This next post is about my first painting adventure this semester! We painted a clear glass filled with water and something special to us inside. I chose colored pencil because I enjoy art so much. I chose a pretty mauvey maroon color for my favorite, and my friend Lauren chose the sky blue as her favorite color. Here is my lovely painting.

I am really happy with this painting. It was my first painting since last year's studio class. (whoops... hehe. I know, I'm a slacker.) I was a little rusty at first but then I got really into it. I think that the style is consistent with my other paintings (I'll probably have an art recap of last year sometime soon) and AHHH I just love it. I love painting. So now I have to answer a self evaluation in paragraph form! Yay!

In this painting I did consider size, view and placement. I placed the glass in the upper right-hand corner so the dramatic shadow would take up most of the painting. I thought of the water as dark and light shapes, and I believe I created a sense of transparency. The water, however became murky because of the colored pencils, and turned an eerie green color. My ellipses and viewpoints are accurate and my paint colors are clean despite the murky water in the glass. I finished my painting with time to spare, and even came after school to open studio to finish it. My personal choice was my love for art by putting the colored pencils in the water. Using the colored pencils symbolizes my passion for art. I always focused on my work, and worked quickly and efficiently. I absolutely feel that I left the illusion of  transparency.

Well, that was rather formal sounding. I prefer witty comments and random topics personally. It is much more fun to read. Thanks for stopping by! I need a new concluding phrase...

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  1. very good artist statement. The painting looks fresh. The glass really looks clear. You have shown how an artist takes the commonplace and makes it extraordinary. A real gem.