Friday, October 8, 2010

JPEG Challenge #2 - My Family

Hello again! This is another JPEG challenge! Cue theme music! Oh, I guess we don't have theme music. So anyway, for this JPEG challenge I had to take pictures of my family :)

This is my sister Emily, also known as Lito. Its a long story as to how she got that nickname, but we'll save that story for another time. She is quite silly, and I love her lots.

This is my other sister, Evelyn. She is quite a character.

This is sadie, she has already been featured on this blog in previous posts. She is a bit shy and would marry her soccer ball if she could.

This is my lovely mom, who is one of my best friends. This is also one of my favorite pictures. I love shots like this, they say so much and make me smile.

And this is my Finny! He is just nuts, and the klutziest dog I have ever met. He is not satisfied unless you are touching him, and if you aren't paying enough attention to him, he jumps on your head.

I did not include any photos of my dad, I don't have that many good photos of him, maybe he will be on this blog sometime. He is super awesome and I think some of my sister's and my craziness comes from him.

So thats my family :) Keep stopping by and I'll keep posting!

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