Monday, November 8, 2010

JPEG Challenge

Hellooooo again. Here is yet another JPEG Challenge! This one's theme is "What I am obessesed about." Here we go!

Hooray! Actually my real obsession is Doctor Who, the best show in the world. I'll share this lovely picture of My favorite Doctor, The 11th Doctor, played by the fabulously talented Matt Smith. But seeing as I don't live in the UK and can't take pictures of Doctor who-y things, Sadie will just have to do.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sketchedy Something

Helloooooo! Today I'm posting about some of my favorite sketches in my sketchbook! Most of them are from last year. Well, all of them... anyway, here they are

This is my converse sketch done with vine charcoal. After I did this, I turned it into an oil painting. I quite like it. I'm not a big fan of charcoal, I always end up getting covered in it...

Here is the painting. Its one of my best (but hey, I've only done 4...) and this summer I entered it in our county farm fair and got senior champion! Woooo. Its definitely one of my favorites.

This was a self protrait sketch using a christmas ball instead of a mirror. It was a rather interesting experience, but it turned out alright. It is just a sketch after all...

This is a free-time drawing, which I do very rarely. I drew this on a saturday sometime last year. One of my favorite sketches, and it is of my lovely sister Emily. She was not happy with it at first, but I think she secretly loves it.

This is just a homework assignment, took me maybe 15 minutes to do. I love my aviators though. Its a shame they got sat on...

Little microlab excersize about merging. Its pretty good I guess.

Ahhh, I love this. It took me forever to do this one. This is a crop of a Botticelli I believe. I think that is what my art teacher said. Anyway, we had to do this as an assignment over christmas break and it was a pain. It turned out really nice though.

Thats it for now. Next time I'll probably do a mishmash of my paintings, oil pastels and big charcoal drawings. That is, unless we finish another art project. Stop by again! Or not. Its your loss if you don't.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Tall Glass of Water"

Welcome back! Actually, not sure it that is the right phrase... Hello again? Oh nevermind. This next post is about my first painting adventure this semester! We painted a clear glass filled with water and something special to us inside. I chose colored pencil because I enjoy art so much. I chose a pretty mauvey maroon color for my favorite, and my friend Lauren chose the sky blue as her favorite color. Here is my lovely painting.

I am really happy with this painting. It was my first painting since last year's studio class. (whoops... hehe. I know, I'm a slacker.) I was a little rusty at first but then I got really into it. I think that the style is consistent with my other paintings (I'll probably have an art recap of last year sometime soon) and AHHH I just love it. I love painting. So now I have to answer a self evaluation in paragraph form! Yay!

In this painting I did consider size, view and placement. I placed the glass in the upper right-hand corner so the dramatic shadow would take up most of the painting. I thought of the water as dark and light shapes, and I believe I created a sense of transparency. The water, however became murky because of the colored pencils, and turned an eerie green color. My ellipses and viewpoints are accurate and my paint colors are clean despite the murky water in the glass. I finished my painting with time to spare, and even came after school to open studio to finish it. My personal choice was my love for art by putting the colored pencils in the water. Using the colored pencils symbolizes my passion for art. I always focused on my work, and worked quickly and efficiently. I absolutely feel that I left the illusion of  transparency.

Well, that was rather formal sounding. I prefer witty comments and random topics personally. It is much more fun to read. Thanks for stopping by! I need a new concluding phrase...

Friday, October 8, 2010

JPEG Challenge #3 - Where I Spend a Lot of Time

JPEG Challege YAYYYY! So lets get straight to the point.

This challenge is where I spend a lot of time. I chose my trampoline!

Wheeeee! Wasn't that fabulous!? I have lots of interesting times on the trampoline, especially with Lito. She is on the trampoline more then anyone, working of her various flippy tricks.

Come back soon, or my blog fairy will hunt you down!

JPEG Challenge #2 - My Family

Hello again! This is another JPEG challenge! Cue theme music! Oh, I guess we don't have theme music. So anyway, for this JPEG challenge I had to take pictures of my family :)

This is my sister Emily, also known as Lito. Its a long story as to how she got that nickname, but we'll save that story for another time. She is quite silly, and I love her lots.

This is my other sister, Evelyn. She is quite a character.

This is sadie, she has already been featured on this blog in previous posts. She is a bit shy and would marry her soccer ball if she could.

This is my lovely mom, who is one of my best friends. This is also one of my favorite pictures. I love shots like this, they say so much and make me smile.

And this is my Finny! He is just nuts, and the klutziest dog I have ever met. He is not satisfied unless you are touching him, and if you aren't paying enough attention to him, he jumps on your head.

I did not include any photos of my dad, I don't have that many good photos of him, maybe he will be on this blog sometime. He is super awesome and I think some of my sister's and my craziness comes from him.

So thats my family :) Keep stopping by and I'll keep posting!
Welcome to the JPEG challenge series post #1! So in my studio class we are assigned JPEG challenges to help us develop our skills in choosing what we will paint. This first one is a place that is special to me. I chose the creek near my house. I bring my dog Sadie down to play in the the water and there is always a lot to take pictures of.

I also am a Photographer in training. I sort of taught myself some things about photography, but this year I am taking my first real photography class. I get to take pictures and develop my film and everything, so that is really exciting. I may post some of my photos on here as well. But for now lets focus on the JPEG Challenge.

In the JPEG Challenge we have to take 5 pictures that go along with the theme. So here we go.

This was taken sometime in the winter, you probably guessed that because of the snow, but I figured I'd tell you anyway.

This was taken the same day, I like this one better.

Sadie really likes playing in the creek, and I love taking pictures of her.

So that was the first JPEG challenge! Yaaaaayyy! So I will be posting a few times in this series, and hopefully you'll be able to see some more of my wannabe photographer photos.  Thanks for stopping by!

What Brings You Joy?

Hello! Welcome to my first ever blog post! Hurray! This blog is for my Honors Studio class and other artsy related things. So if you like what I post then great! But if you don't, then don't let the door hit you on your way out. Not that blogs have doors... Oh you know what I mean. Moving on....

So in art class a few weeks ago we had a project called "What brings you joy?" For this project I chose to draw a series of 3 colored pencil drawings of my dig, Finn. Here they are...

What do you think? I like them, but they are not my favorite. I mean, I'm proud of them, but they just aren't my best. I think that my best medium is oil paint, so I tend to like my paintings better. My favorite I think is the middle image.

So In this series we had to pick what brings us joy, and draw 3 or more pieces. They had to be unified by colors, markings, and subject. I used mostly neutrals with an occasional cool color like in the background of the 3rd in the series. I used the style I usually use when using pencil, which is crosshatching. That’s just how I learned to draw with pencil, and I think the crosshatching texture looks nice against Finn's white face.

Sooooooooo, I hope you like this blog, and read it occasionally. I have to post on it all year, and hopefully my work will improve. Thanks for stopping by :)